Hello, guys. Remember when I made this post not too long ago?  Well, guess what? I’m not even half as close as to achiev–  Got you, didn’t I? You’d think Brian was just lazing around as usual and did not even start doing anything about the things that he promised. Well, […]

Step One Towards Future

Hey, guys. After years of blogging, I’ve decided to quit and move on to do different things in life. That does not mean I’m gonna quit writing forever, but just taking a long break from it. As you can see, I’ve deleted most of the posts and saved only the […]

So you know the term and a concept of a villain, because you’ve come across this term ever since.. childhood. Be it: cartoons, movies, TV series, books, video games? Do you know what really makes one? Today, I’m gonna prove you wrong and let you think again of what REALLY makes […]


I would not really get the slightest of clues of how I’ve talked about dreams before, and epicly failed because I made it into a wikipedia-like post. I mean, I read it now and I said, “So, I had a really weird dream when I woke up today. Not getting into details […]

Dreams, Memories and everything-in-between

I know religion is a really sensitive topic, but this is my personal view. Whether you like it or not, don’t throw stones at me. Last afternoon me and Mario seized the opportunity to watch PK, a movie we’ve heard GREAT GREAT reviews about but never had the time to […]

PK and Religion – A not so review, review

Time is inevitable. It can never be stopped or brought forward or backward. It just keeps going. Most of my friends, and perhaps even you, must know how I really waste time just by not doing anything. I sit at home and tell people I’m busy with some work, but […]

Time, Time and Time again…