Dreams, Memories and everything-in-between

I would not really get the slightest of clues of how I’ve talked about dreams before, and epicly failed because I made it into a wikipedia-like post.

I mean, I read it now and I said, “So, I had a really weird dream when I woke up today. Not getting into details about the weirdness of the dream, but I think dreams are something that’s worth talking about.”

Like, “Hey, Brian Nazareth! Mind telling me what the dream was about?!” and after the reading the post you’d be like “No shit? I never knew that!” – Personally, I did a research.. but that’s not my what my blog is supposed to be about. Its supposed to be about experiences and self-theories.. which is what I’ll do today.

With a lot of free-time that I have, today I decided to update my blog with this theory I’ve had in mind for weeks. The last few weeks I was hooked with assignments and exams.

Dreams, memories and everything-in-between them are all caused because of something you’re thinking about, or have been through, or have seen, during the day; but in a more vastly-exaggerated form. I am the one who gets nightmares every second day; and even if I do have good dreams, they’re the weirdest.

Like last night, I dreamt about my examination hall and my college campus had a hostel far, far away from home. It felt real because I could actually read what was on the paper, and I also could read the text messages from mom and my other folks back home texting me “when are you coming back?”. Because, in normal dreams one cannot read anything. I couldn’t leave the exam hall unless I finished the paper. The only escape out of that hellhole or, in general, any dream is to think why the dream isn’t real.

What causes dreams are our eyes and our ability to imagine. Imagination is what makes dreams come true; in a literal way and.. well, the literal way too. Like, 10 years ago we wouldn’t imagine a smartphone to perform the same or better than a computer. Imagination and putting those thoughts into action have made it come true. And the other literal way is, that you can imagine a horse having a cone on his head and having wings too and you call that a pony. I bet you imagined that. 😉

Let’s talk about eyes, now. Our eyes are the basic concept of a camera. We see what we like to see, and we decide to see it that way anytime we want. So we capture that moment, that memory, through a camera. But we should know that our brain processes the image faster than any camera in the world would. Our eyes capture a moment and store it at the back of our head. Those become thoughts and those thoughts become a memory.

A memory could be anything. It could be going to a concert and seeing your favorite band sing on stage along with a thousand fans around you. That feeling, the major goosebumps and feels you get becomes a lifetime experience. Another great memory would be seeing your loved one or your family happy, which gives you a content feeling too.

You could have a dream based on those memories, but in an exaggerated form. We have no control over our dreams, which is what makes them weird and exaggerated.. and soon turn into a nightmare. When we think during a dream, is when we wake up. Why? Because thinking alters the dream state and it sort of also alters the memory.

These memories aren’t just related to dreams, though. They will flash a minute or a second before you die, too. I don’t have a proof of this, because I haven’t died or been back from the dead to know this.. nor do I know anyone who has. But you’ll watch a lot of movies or TV series and they’ll show you how the character has his whole life (or just the great memories) before him, before he dies. These memories will flash right at you before you die. They also occur at hard-times in life, because that is when you wonder about the good memories.

Even deja-vu could come in this concept. Deja-vus are something that you think might have happened to you in the past, but actually hasn’t. There are many possible explanations. Your mind has the capability to imagine almost anything, even situations which might have never happened. You get a deja-vu feeling for something that has never taken place in your life before, but what has taken place in your thoughts.

The second one could be because you may have seen it.. in an alternate universe. Yes, I know it sounds crazy. But it is possible. Maybe in an alternate time realm, you have been through the situation before and have seen it, but the mind of this present realm is recalling of the vision of the alternate realm.

Also.. what if everything you see right now is not what you see, but is your thought? What if nothing you know is real? What if everybody else around you and the universe are all your thoughts and imagination? Even this blog post..

I’ll leave you to your thoughts, then.

Until next time. 😉

– Brian Naz.