PK and Religion – A not so review, review

I know religion is a really sensitive topic, but this is my personal view. Whether you like it or not, don’t throw stones at me.

Last afternoon me and Mario seized the opportunity to watch PK, a movie we’ve heard GREAT GREAT reviews about but never had the time to because of our busy schedules. Well, mostly HER busy schedules – I am never busy, you guys know that.

I’m not even reviewing, reviewing this movie so don’t think of this as some bullshit take on the movie.

Mario kept saying every 20-30 minutes of the movie if I was bored with the movie only because of the songs, though some of them were okay. Sure, I’m not even a fan of Hindi movies and it’s songs, but there are a few exceptions. The ones that do not include cliche songs and poorly-written dialogues in Bollywood films are a win for me.

For those who haven’t watched the movie, do watch.. because this is not a review. This will contain spoiler alerts which a lot of you won’t like. So read on, if you have watched it or even if you’re okay with it and still willing to watch it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


So.. PK (played by Aamir Khan) is this alien astronaut (or, as so he calls himself) who comes to Earth to study about the planet. He learns a lot of things and adapts to Bhojpuri language and to the lifestyle of the people in India. He loses his remote control chainish ornament to a robber who sells it to a saint. The ornament is the only way he can call the spaceship to ever go home to his planet. So to get this back, he has to find the saint. He does find him, but the saint does not give it to him that easily and instead fools his devotees that it has some sort of magic that helps him to preach.
Knowing of this act of fraud, PK goes up against him.. defining religion to people and what it does to you. Of why each religion has a different rule, a different lifestyle and to some: different restrictions. The people believe PK over the saint, and PK eventually becomes a news-celebrity hero.
There are other plots of this movie, as to how he defeats the saint in the end with his words and how he helps the female character, Jaggu (played by Anushka Sharma). But I’m not even discussing or even reviewing the movie. That way, I didn’t REALLY spoil it for you.


So what I’d really like to discuss today in this post is how this movie, didn’t really MOVE me but, did teach me a good lesson: a lesson about religion.

We live in a generation where we have people who believe in God and people who don’t. I’m not even judging anyone either of the sides, and neither does this movie. I still don’t get how a lot of people got offended with it too.

Freedom of expression has been used to it’s best in this movie to explain about how religion really affects our lives.

For some of us, religion is religion. We follow it because it’s our family tradition, and we follow it because our family does.. and yes, we do like it too. While for some of us, religion or GOD is just when we desperately need something or are in pain; which is bogus. The line, “Jo darta hai woh mandir jaata hai” (translated: Those who fear, go to a temple) has said this clearly.. but I think that was what offended people. And it is true. If you only seek for God’s help when you need help and not otherwise, why even follow it? It’s upto you, though. Just stating my views.

While some of us misuse the meaning of religion. Like the antagonist of this movie, who is a saint, there are so many of these in a country like India. All they do is eat your money in the name of donations and throw in their assumptions and sell it off as ‘miracles,’ and call themselves God. What kind of a God are these people? This was something the movie covered in a really well way. I pity the people who follow into the prey of these saints. But then, again, I am no one to tell you whom to follow. Just stating my views..

Something that the movie didn’t cover would be what I’m gonna say next, and I’d have loved the movie even more if it did.

We should never let a religion define who we are. Why should we differentiate ourselves from a person/family who follow(s) another religion?

For one would be inter-castle marriage/relationships. There are so many families who won’t even support this and not understand that religion should never be the prime factor in a relationship.

For second would be false misuse of religion. Like the thing I typed above and what the movie covered too, and how some believe that a girl should not be born in a house and should be killed or given limited treatment, and how terrorists from the upper-Arab countries killing millions of people in the name of Quran when that is NEVER EVEN mentioned in the Holy Book. No God ever wants a sacrifice or a killing. Your actions define your own personal agenda, not a religion.

The third and the main problem, would be racism. We do this a lot. We always see a Muslim as a terrorist or a dangerous person, a Catholic/Christian as a person who drinks or smokes a lot, a Hindu as a person who is very sensitive to other people having a non-veg meal. Like why? Why let a religion define us or differentiate ourselves? Why can’t we all just BE ONE UNITED WORLD?

I know religion is a really sensitive topic, but this is my personal view. Whether you like it or not, don’t throw stones at me.

– Brian Naz.