Step One Towards Future

Hello, guys.

Remember when I made this post not too long ago? 

Well, guess what? I’m not even half as close as to achiev– 

Got you, didn’t I? You’d think Brian was just lazing around as usual and did not even start doing anything about the things that he promised. Well, boo-hoo for you. As a matter of fact, I’ve taken a step towards making a name for myself; a step towards the future.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Caitlyn Jenner! For 2 and a half months I’ve been working on a novel, along with a few friends from across India, called Gamma.

Gamma. The planet home to the first life forms in the Universe. The peaceful planet was ruled by the First Humans: born from eggs that The Machine laid. Born to live for 20 years. Born to die in 20 years. That was their nature. Their system. It was a just world that lived in peace. Some were born with abilities and a long life. The Gods. Rulers. Few were born with a mind to question the system. And one was born with the intention to change it.

Read it now on Wattpad and do type in your reviews in the comment section below the post.

-Brian Naz.