Time, Time and Time again… 2

Time is inevitable. It can never be stopped or brought forward or backward. It just keeps going.

Most of my friends, and perhaps even you, must know how I really waste time just by not doing anything. I sit at home and tell people I’m busy with some work, but in reality I’m just procrastinating. I hate socializing, ‘cuz when I do I make a fool of myself – either goofing up or stammering – and that’s why I hate it, ‘cuz I’m afraid of it.

And then when that time is wasted, I always feel like how I wish I could change time and could have done something much productive at that time. Mostly it’s assignments, project submissions and ooooh studying for exams!

Today, I got this terrible concept of time in my mind. Mostly based on all the time-travelling movies and TV shows I’ve watched that have.. well, a similar concept.

A lot of people want time-machines to be built, so they can ‘relive past moments once again’ because, for them, their present sucks. Well, for me too – for the most of it. Then again they’re not really aware of what could changing the past do.

It could create an inevitable loop and a paradox in time.

I thought of setting an example for my own self. I build a time-machine, just anyhow, and send myself in the past and tell the past-me to study. But then shouldn’t the past-me be weirded out by me? I mean, yes, of course the past-me would be weirded out by someone who looks just like me and claims to come from a day ahead from the future. But then I also thought that even if the past-me understands me and really does study, and I finally go back in time from where I come from.. do I stop existing because the future has changed or will I actually have gained knowledge because the past-me just studied? Or or or.. even if the latter happens, will I remember the event happening from both the first-person-views? Like I would remember a future-me telling me to study and also me telling the past-me to study? If the former happens, and I stop existing but the past-me would exist.. what happens to me, then?

It’s actually more obvious that I would stop existing because if I did exist, then there will be 2 futures for me. The one that studied and never felt the need to make a time machine, and the one where I built a time-machine. So there are now 2 time-realms that I’m familiar with. The one where one Brian is doing something else in the world and the one where I’ve built a time-machine and which came of no use to me. Because the Brian that I’ve told to study and not waste time is not me, but is somebody else. So, how did that change my future? It didn’t.

And what’s more mind-blowing is that… these 2 time-realms will never collide again. Ever. Because if I decide to go back in the past, it would create another time-realm. Wow. 3 different worlds among us, 3 different futures, 3 different fates.

Okay, here’s another brainstorm: What if one of the two Brians (not me) decided to create a time-machine and decide to go in the future? If you say that they would meet me, you did not get the point of my whole theory. If you say they would meet the future-thems then you got my point. But what then?

Time travelling is good, but you have to be careful when the technology to make one comes. A little change and you could probably destroy the world with one small-tiny-little change, for what you know.

Another thing about time is that I always feel these deja-vu moments a lot. I don’t know if that’s a co-incidence, or probably one of the ‘Brians’ from alternate time-realms might have lived the moment before me and I’m connected to them? Possible. 😉

– Brian Naz.