So you know the term and a concept of a villain, because you’ve come across this term ever since.. childhood. Be it: cartoons, movies, TV series, books, video games? Do you know what really makes one? Today, I’m gonna prove you wrong and let you think again of what REALLY makes villains.

Yes, you have a lot of people in your life right now whom you wouldn’t associate as your friend or include in your friend circle. There is always that person(s) you despise so much that you can’t even stand the look of them. But why, I ask you?

Sure. Somewhere in your life they may have been a little annoying – a pain in the ass, you could say? – or they may have been a really good friend, but they betrayed you down so bad that you can never trust them or see them for the person they once were, before.

Some of those heartless bastards do deserve a villainous title; for they have deliberately hurt you so much that forgiveness for them is way out of question. But what about the other innocent ones? No. No villain is innocent. A villain is what you make of them.

The villain will try their best to make up for the lost trust, the lost friendship – but you don’t give him a chance. You guys think that “ignorance is bliss” makes you peaceful, but you don’t know the ignorance actually breaks the villain more and more. And the attempts to making up by the villain look like an attempt to attack you, but the truth is that you are attacking the villain’s feelings by not giving him a chance. And the villain, giving up hope, eventually.. accepts it and becomes a villain his whole life.

A lot of comic book villains really get me. Especially, if you know the backstory of a lot of comic-book villains you’ll feel sad for them too. Like Electro, from The Amazing SpiderMan 2; his name was Max before he could take on the role of Electro. He was just an ordinary man doing his job and had no one to give him attention to. But then he got electrocuted by Electric Seels in the laboratory and he takes on the role of Electro. Knowing that people now are scared of him and SEE him for who he is, he begins to take pride of the fact that he gets attention. He never meant to be a villain, but the acts of his previous life.. made him be so.

Today. I have a lot of people who don’t look at me the same way they once did. They see me as some person who is very reserved to himself, see me as an egoistic imbecile, see me for someone who has betrayed their trust, or see me as a villain : a threat to their lives.
Most of those are misunderstandings, from both sides. Either I will think that they hate me, or they think I have too much pride to even apologize. But, believe me, I have tried.

Of all of them this recent fuck-up I did, actually cost me my friendship with 3 most important people. I found out that one of my friends was cheating on his girlfriend. And his girlfriend was a really good friend of mine too. I didnt initially tell her as soon as I got to know, because I am a good keeper of secrets. But then one day she comes to me and says that she doesn’t want to be with my friend anymore, because she thought she was being a bitch to him. The inner-conscience in me couldn’t hold back, so I told her the truth. I shouldnt have. He didnt even find out that it was me but 2 days later, AGAIN, the inner-conscience in me couldn’t hold back. So I told him it was me. His girlfriend got back with him, because for her it never mattered in the first place and her love was more true. But me? I lost my friend. And along with him, his 2 other friends who think of me as a villain now.

Today, I see them, their photos on instagram, their snapchat stories and look at them being happy without me. And I’m happy for them. I see them passing by me, they’ll smile and say “hi” but wont ever ask me to hang out with them. That breaks me.

I dont seek for forgiveness anymore. Maybe I just love being this way. Maybe I just love being a villain.

– Brian Naz.